Life sometimes throws us curve balls, but God still gives us Joy for the Journey!

I started this blog and didn’t get very far before I was thrown several curve balls and haven’t gotten very far with it!  Working to change that and continue the Journey I started. My desire here is to share things I’ve been through, am going through, enjoy to do and all the ways I am designing my life as a way to help others see how they can design their own lives and be genuinely themselves.

First and foremost is my belief that God has a plan for my life and I’m sure his design for my life is better than what I can even imagine when I plan and design for my own life. We have to be ourselves and not what others want us to be or we will never be what God wants us to be. We can observe others but we can never be someone else no matter how much we like what we see. We have to be genuinely ourselves. We have to take the time to seek Gods purpose in our life, know our own desires, likes, dislikes, talents, etc. and be able to mesh them all together. It is a struggle and a very long journey at times.

I am about to undertake a 60 day journey that has me excited, conflicted, self conscious, and even a little scared! I believe God has brought me to this journey and will bring me through it with a better understanding of several things including bettering my health. There isn’t a a lot I can share on this at the moment, but will share more as I can, and ask for all the prayers I can get to help lift me up through this journey. I am hoping and praying that at the end of it there is much I can share, that will help others that have some of the same issues I have to be able to help themselves as well.

In the mean time I will try to be better at sharing more of my crazy life, crafting, cooking and other thing I enjoy and lots of Joy for the Journey!

Author: dmarier7377

I'm just me and I want to share my designs on life and hope things I've gone through, am going through, and the things I love to do can help others through this journey called life!

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