Living Life Is Hard Sometimes!

I keep getting thrown curve balls but God is my catchers mitt and I thank God that he catches me every time!  No matter how hard things are we need to get back up and keep going.  Some of you out there will understand how it can be when it’s just you to do everything and wonder how you will ever get it all done.   I’ve been there for a long time but this past year it’s really taken a toll.  When you work 40+ hours a week, pay all your own bills, try to help others as much as possible, do all of your own house work, yard work etc.  it doesn’t leave much time for you and you get overwhelmed sometimes to the point you don’t feel like you are doing any good for anyone including yourself.

Well that’s when it’s time to disconnect for awhile and get yourself back on track.  I did that recently and while I’m still not 100% things are a whole lot better and I feel more like myself again.  I’m getting back into creating again, mostly just in the planning stages and getting organized but it’s a beginning.  I just wanted to share and say to everyone don’t let yourself get discouraged and blindsided.  It’s OK to take some time reset and start again.  God will show you how and there are others (such as myself) that are willing to listen and help when we can.

Here is a little something I did awhile ago that I wanted to share.  Hopefully it will give a little inspiration or at least a short break and spark your creativity.


Author: dmarier7377

I'm just me and I want to share my designs on life and hope things I've gone through, am going through, and the things I love to do can help others through this journey called life!

3 thoughts on “Living Life Is Hard Sometimes!”

  1. Hi Dee, it’s great to see you crafting again. Live gets in the way sometimes but we have to find a couple of minutes here and there to put a little chalk paste on a board, even if we can’t finish it all in one day! I always look for your inspirational post every morning unless I’m somewhere where I cannot access WIFI.
    God bless you!

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    1. Thank you Tami, you have no idea how much that means to me. I have to say I have felt lately that God is leading me to go back home and open a shop where I can craft and create. He hasn’t revealed the exact how or when yet but I do believe that in his timing they are coming bit by bit.


      1. Thank you Tami we all need the encouragement and uplifting in today’s crazy world! I’m glad you enjoy my FB posts. I still hope to someday get everything on track and running smoothly so I have time to not only craft more but do more here on my blog as well. Especially for those who are single and doing everything from the daily job and house hold chores to all the yard work and home maintenance on their own and still trying to have a life the way God intended. I know he has a plan in mind and I am trying to be patient until it is his timing for it all. But I am not a patient person Lol.


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