Living means always learning

I’ve learned over the years that our lives encompass much more than we even realize at times. Here I hope to share things from my life that you will find to be helpful in your own crazy busy lives and help you to design your life to fit who you are and all you do!

From our Faith, families, money saving tips, time saving tips, DIY, crafts, recipes, healthy foods & beverages, direct selling opportunities and other ways of creating extra income, to uplifting stories & spiritual support. All the things that make up our everyday lives. Who doesn’t need a little help in their day from time to time?

My quest is for everyone here to be able to share their struggles, trials, and triumphs with the ability to discuss things, offer suggestions and do so without judgement. Anyone who can’t be here as a friend and without condemnation of the others here will be asked to leave. No drama will be tolerated even with differences of opinion.  I believe we can all agree to disagree if need be.  My wish for each of you is to be inspired to create your own unique you!

Sincerely Dee

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